Sunday, July 2, 2017

Donald John Trump: President, Or Not?

Let's start off with the widely accepted definition of what a American president is as you can read over here at: . Ok, this definition outlines who, and what an American president does but what happens when the legitimacy of that president is in question because of the following occurrences such as the president in question stating that the entire electrical process is rigged : and that he will only accept the results of the election if he wins .

Then we have the vote recount by Jill Stein that Mr. Trump blocked with a court action for whatever unknown reason at: and then, the alleged intimidation of some members belonging to the electoral college as you can read over here at: .

To continue, we also have the mind boggling disrespect Mr. Trump vented towards the members of his own party throughout the race and then: “10 Horrible Insults From Donald Trump” and other nasty comments made against people on both sides of the isle as well as private citizens just venting their personal opinion etc. The negative comments made against woman, disabled and the unrelenting and extremely negative comments made by Donald against other foreign leaders, our government and not leaving out our greatly appreciated Allies in the world.

The above statements above made by myself were all, and still are issues of great concern for me however it only got worse when it came to the hacking carried out by the former Soviet Union into the Democratic party database and moreover, Mr. Trumps international requests to Russia in furthering the hacking attack into Clinton's email accounts as you can see here at:

Now, onto the next set of concerns being temperament that most presidents should ideally have as follows : a calm demeanor, sharp communication skills, an ability to successfully carry out diplomacy with others and problem solving skills to which, Mr. Trump lacks in the over all premise of his personality from what I've observed over the last ten years and not forgetting, about all the habitual lying that was procured by Donald to date.

Let's set all this aside for a moment and look at what legally constitutes a president and the conduct in which is called for as follows here at : and

I think political correctness in this country has gone to the extreme however I do believe in being courteous, civil and decent when communicating our ideals to others in the process of debate however when it comes to national security, I'm again given grievous pause at the lack of transparency given by Mr. Trump and his administration.

Donald's business dealings bother me to no end as it's possible that his business affiliations could jeopardize the national security of this country and or in other words, he could choose working with a hostile power such as Russia in usurping American interest for self-profit and or, possibly through the promise of monetary gain allow the regional power of Russia to transgress against a particular sovereign authority such as the Ukraine for instance .

Again, we have the affiliations and world view of Mr. Trump aliening with that of Mr. Putin's along with the affiliations of Donald's cabinet to Russian officials as you can read about and view at this link provided for you here at:

Every Administration will have connections to other nations however the Trump Administration has a irregular excess of contacts with Russian officials when compared to other administrations.

What really caused me the greatest of concerns with the Trump Administration, was the invitation to well known soviet agents and the yielding of code-word classified information to them in what was suppose to be a secret meeting that Russia itself exposed via putting this picture out over social media at : .

Yes, my concerns go on and on regarding Mr. Trump and his Administration however it really doesn't have anything to do with party or taking offense to something Donald said or did in the past even though, I find some of his statements totally uninformed, shortsighted, shallow, chauvinist, prejudice, nasty and over all, toxic at times.

In short, Donald does not ideally fit my notion of what a president should be, a person that by majority consensus should be for all the people all the time instead of the few ones that adore him no matter the statements he makes or the policies he invokes that often times, work against the very interest of the people that voted for him in the first place.

Ok, election results, Is Donald Trump a legitimate president ? Well, the seventeen intelligence agencies that he bashed and called into question their integrity seem to believe he is and further, what's left of the all the other federal agencies that also acknowledge him by following his orders, the Republican and Democratic sides of the Congress seem to recognize him as such however, the majority of the American public that share my same concerns, do not. Please view these two links below regarding agency dismantling at: and here at: .

The largest concerns of mine past the national security issues and Trumps hidden affiliations would be his aggressive moves against our long held agreements with Allies, U.N., NATO,  and his outlook on the Ukraine etc. And let's not forget, his rolling back of domestic projects or programs such as science research, healthcare, disease control, education and banking regulations put in place to guard against another economic crash such as the one in 2008, policies set fourth to protect our health, economy, parks, environment and wildlife : .

So, what do I see going on, or possibly going on with this Administration?  I see other candidates during a election cycle flaming their careers by saying less then a percent of what Donald has said that apparently, offended the public in some way.  I see candidates with less scandals and better policy proposals going down at the drop of a hat, I see these same once candidates now kissing the ring of someone in whom they blasted with very potent points of truth during the campaign.

I see a guy being Donald, that said every hateful thing that a person could say to someone else get elected to the oval office, a guy that once in the White House degraded every federal agency and replace their head with the very people that hated those agencies to begin with as you can read about here in this link provided for your convenience at:

I now see a land developer profiting off the United States presidency by removing environmental restrictions while at the same time, cutting a multitude of beneficial federal programs to assist the sick and impoverished members of our society and not forgetting the educational programs for our young.  I see a incomplete and uninformed Administration cutting and slashing everything in sight and redirecting those monies and or, converting those tax dollars into excessive tax breaks for the richest among us, I see a complacent Republican Congress “just going along”.

I see Corperate media and unlimited corporate donations competing for the public mindset and our elected officials loyalty as if they can control what we think and how we perceive the issues then, they control the election.  If corporations pay enough money down, then they can get our politicians to vote their will instead of the will of the American people but here, you be the judge of this by reading over this link at:, I see republican talk shows pushing hate, prejudice, fear, intolerance, violence and isolationism whom call the poor lazy, shows whom really don't care about anything else but ratings and getting their people reelected.

I believe in small government by the people for the people, a government that settles disputes between the states only that further stays our of our religious practices as you may like to read about here at this link of :, I believe in the separation of powers to which has seemingly become blurred beyond recognition these days via a favor for a favor and back room deals that we've seen so much of over the last two years during all the investigations that's taken place.

And so, when we fail to have a separation of powers, when government becomes one entity against the wishes of the people in which it's suppose to serve then what do we call it, and can it be something trusted by the American people ? Please read more about the separation of powers at this link of:, not only do I have reason enough to question the legitimacy of this presidency but the very incomplete structure of its Administration.

We as a free people have been manipulated, coerced and subjugated to partial soundbites not to mention, the propaganda of half-truths and indoctrinating narratives being shoved down our throats on a daily bases by the elites that furthermore, resembles something familiar to good old fashion brain washing. So, back to the question at hand, is Donald Trump a legitimate president ? I would say that he is the president to the minority in America and not a president to the majority and as for me, I am in a state of limbo however I do recognize that Mr. Trump is sitting in the White House and I will assist him in any way I can if not for any other reason, but to save a nation and to look out for the benefit of all of you out there today reading this.

Everything that should not happen in a election has occurred and until Mr. Trump steps forward in transparency concerning his global affiliations and business earnings and or, is fully cleared by the Mueller investigation,  I will remain in this perpetual state of limbo helping him when I can but never really seeing my way clear of knowing who he is and thereof, not really subjecting myself to any laws that he or the Republican congress might now, or in the future make needing my individual complacence.

The largest factor to my current position is found in that Mr. Trump himself has stated repeatedly over a two year period that this was a rigged election, that he's paid off politicians throughout his life and his attempt to lift sanction on Russia for its violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and not leaving out, his impeding of the vote recount and the interference of the investigation looking into these matters of a Trump / Russia connection at:

To be fair, I will post Donald's list of accomplishment to date as follows in the forthcoming link at: & and yet, what might seem like accomplishments to the Republican Congress leadership and to Donald himself appear to come off more as a destructive set of actions harming the American people and again, a outright assault to the integrity of the American government itself. But again to be fair to Mr. Trump I'm going to give you the Republican version of his accomplishments as follows :

In closing, we voted for Hillary Clinton and not because she was a woman, not because she was Bill Clinton's wife or the way she looked, spoke nor the class that emanated from her, but the political knowledge she has, the experience she exhibited, the workable policy proposals she demonstrated and lastly, the 20 or 30 years of vetting that she was made to go through and passed with flying colors.

There were things that I didn't agree with regarding Democratic policy but that's to be found in any administration however, I was never put in the position in my 57 years of pondering the legitimacy of a sitting president that is, until now under the Trump Administration. Just my opinions and suggestions here and I hope for all our sake's that these matters can be resolved quickly so that this nation can unite and move on into the future at some point.